Kids Classes

After School Art Club Starts Wednesday September 14th 2016

An adventure in art with a focus on letting students explore in a fun atmosphere to better understand shapes, values, and colors

Regularly scheduled kids' classes are coming to The Alvarez Art School! Classes will meet on Wednesday afternoons 3:15-4:45. Each month we will explore a different subject, medium or genre from non-representational art to outdoor painting or charcoal to acrylic paint. My rates are: $20 per session, or 5 for $80, 10 for $150. Basic supplies are included, additional fees may apply depending on the project. To register call (719) 337-2863, (719) 442-0850 or email

Have a look at what previous classes have done

We've drawn and painted music, made maps from sidewalk cracks, explored light and dark shapes, and more.